Arrangements for Children

Every parent wants their child to be happy. But at times of separation, conflict and divorce, co-parenting can be incredibly demanding. It's all too easy for emotions to run high and for children to pick up on feelings of negativity, anxiety or distress.

Here at Berkshire Family Mediation, we offer a safe, neutral and respectful place for parents to negotiate arrangements for children at times of change. We also welcome grandparents and other family members.

Mediation offers a tried and tested way of settling differences within families. It has been shown to improve communication and understanding, and to reduce conflict and stress. Our mediators don't take sides or tell you what to do, but are skilled in helping you to explore options and to find practical solutions that best fit your individual circumstances.

We can help you work out:
  • Living and childcare arrangements
  • Arrangements for holidays, special days and time with wider family
  • Day-to-day costs and child maintenance
  • What information and reassurance your children might need in the process of separation or divorce
  • What changes could make a positive difference to parental communication
  • Decisions about education and any other matters that are important to you and/or your child's family.
Parent Planning

Some parents find it helpful to clarify arrangements with a written plan, which formalises any agreements they make and provides a point of reference for the future. You can draw up a Parenting Plan at any time, and you can do it in stages if you prefer. There is a useful Parent Plan hereand further guidance on co-parenting after separation at the website, Sorting Out Separation.