Sarah said:

"Mediation helped restore a sense of normality. It helped us towards reaching agreements on the big decisions, making sure that the needs of the children were taken into account. it helped to take the heat out of the situation without us tearing each other apart and find a way get through it with the minimum of distress."

Alison said:

"At a difficult time it did a lot to improve the relationship between us."

David said:

"It has moved us into a frame of mind to try to be co-operative - the children have been put first and mediation helped with that."

Catherine said:

"I feel it has helped to keep me from getting tense and wound up, and I have been able to keep things happier for the children."

Daniel said:

"At the worst time of the post-separation period my ex-wife and I were able to meet and not scream at one another and that was quite impressive."

Michael said:

"It has reduced the amount of bitterness over a shorter period of time than would have been the case."