Berkshire Family Mediation


We are still offering mediation.

In these difficult times, we continue to work with separated families so that children stay in contact with parents in a way that is safe for everyone.

Mediation meetings are still mainly being conducted via video link. Please talk to your mediator if you wish to attend mediation in person at one of our offices.


We are offering free child mediation under the Voucher Scheme supported by the Ministry of Justice and Family Mediation Council. Please ask your mediator for details.

Please call us if you are looking for more information or want to arrange a meeting.

You can find our contact details here.

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At a difficult time it did a lot to improve the relationship between us.


Mediation helped restore a sense of normality. It helped us towards reaching agreements on the big decisions, making sure that the needs of the children were taken into account. it helped to take the heat out of the situation without us tearing each other apart and find a way get through it with the minimum of distress.


It has moved us into a frame of mind to try to be co-operative - the children have been put first and mediation helped with that."