Family mediation can help with the practicalities surrounding divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution. It is becoming the preferred method to resolve family conflict, especially where there are children involved. Family Mediation aims to facilitate communication, share understanding and help you to take the first steps in rebuilding trust as parents where it may have been previously lost.

If you are facing divorce or separation, you may think that solicitors and courts are the starting point, but you can get a lot of helpful information by attending a mediation information assessment meeting. This will be a confidential meeting where the mediator will explain all the options that are open to you, including courts and other forms of dispute resolution so you can make an informed choice.

(Before applying to courts, you generally need to attend a mediation information assessment meeting.)

In this meeting, the mediator will also be considering the suitability of mediation based on the risk factors for you and your children. If mediation is not the best way forward, the mediator can give you information or signpost you to additional sources of support.

A real benefit of mediation is that the mediator can assist you and your ex-partner to find mutually acceptable solutions. This can feel more empowering than a win/lose court imposed solution. In children’s cases, it is a more holistic approach, really focusing on what would work for both of you, and most importantly the children.

In cases involving finances, mediation provides the opportunity to look at all options available and check out the affordability of each option. It keeps costs to minimum, and where you can reach agreement it can also help you avoid the financial and emotional cost of court proceedings.

Family mediation is an option that it is open to anybody who is affected by a family breakdown or conflict, regardless of age, race or sexuality. For those who do not speak English, or for whom English is not their first language, interpreter services can be provided.

Mediation is not just available to parents or couples: grandparents often use mediation services if they are having difficulties over arrangements to see their grandchildren.

Mediators are also very mindful of children’s wishes and feelings and depending on their age, a free meeting can be offered to them subject to the consent of both them and their parents.

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